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Meet the Instructors

Your Fitness Guides to Flying in the Air

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Instructor / Owner

Chanel started her aerial journey right here in Jacksonville 5 years ago. Within her 5 years, she has grown to love the performing side of circus. Recently, she has found a passion in trying to grow the aerial community by creating a welcoming and all-inclusive atmosphere for everyone looking to be introduced into the aerial arts. Her favorite apparatuses are Lyra (Aerial Hoop), Aerial Sling and Trapeze. She also has been training in different circus arts such as silks, fire fans, fire eating, aerial cube, and aerial straps.  When she is not in the air, she spends time with her daughter and goes on walks with her husky.

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Kylie has been a movement teacher for the last 10 years with her background stemming from Dance, Yoga & Somatics. She has been a student of Aerial arts for 8 years and teaching for the last 6. Her goal is to encourage every student she meets to find their inner strength & flow within. 




Lydia Griffin moved to Jacksonville with the Navy. While that's her full time job, she likes to spend her free time practicing aerials. She has 3 years of experience across 4 different apparatuses and is excited to begin teaching.




Kristen has been practicing aerial arts since 2017. Her first apparatus was the silks, but her favorite apparatuses are Lyra and Trapeze. Kristen loves to explore new apparatuses such as the umbrella and lyra ladder. She also has studied belly dancing, ballroom dancing and acroyoga. When not in the air, Kristen works full time as a nurse and nursing instructor. Kristen loves spending time with her husband and 2 kids playing Fortnite.

Kristen is excited to start teaching aerials and share her love of defying gravity with others.




Priscilla A. Tapia was born in New York City. She grew up dancing and playing sports. Focusing on ballet, basketball, and track/field. After pursuing university after 2014 she took time to travel and work. She realized she wanted to pursue the arts within her travels, and came back to NYC in 2017. Joining the Body & Pole Work-Study program she trained to become a circus performer and Instructor. Getting her Flexibility certification in 2019 with elevated education. She also got her Liquid Motion certification in 2019 teaching individuals safe dance techniques and Mind/Body connection. She also trained in a Hip Hop mentorship with Robin Dunn in Alvin Ailey from 2017-2019, and Heels intensive With "Jerry Curls" from 2017-2021. Priscilla blends all her education and knowledge to give you a fun and safe class. 


Priscilla says "I want to teach people fun, and safe ways to work with your body while getting stronger and more confident in movement!"

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